Cold days are made for cuddling in Fort McMurray

Family Photography in Fort McMurray

Come along with this family of 4 on a chilly fall day for a little lesson on how to stay warm on a cold day…

Little girls go for a walk with their parents in wood buffalo o explore the outdoors and have heirloom quality family photos created
Wear deliciously perfect sweaters like these to die for knits by Miou Kids, if you’ve never seen them in person you are missing one of life great treats! They are like wearing a warm hug, but that doesn’t mean you can’t also get a nice warm hug from your sister!
Siblings deserve luxurious photographs to commemorate their relationship as they grow and change to remind them of the love they
Sweet little girls cuddling to stay warm in the frigid temperatures of Fort McMurray
Let your little one wrap their arms around you nice and tight. One day it will be the last time you lift your little one in your arms, and you won’t even know it at the time. It sneaks up on you, and then suddenly you realize it’s been a while and they’re too big for it. Take advantage of the years when they happily jump up into your arms and squeeze them just a little bit tighter for a little bit longer.
loving daddy and his little girl cuddling and creating memories through photographs
She won
Mommy kisses are a great way to keep warm too!
Fort McMurray mother and daughter displaying affection and comfort with each other for the camera.
   Last but not least, never miss the opportunity to capture a great photo with the love of your life. So often (like always) our children become the all-encompassing focus of our lives, but taking a second to get in close and cuddle with the person who gets you most is surefire magic.  
Fort MMurray photographer captures genuine emotion for husband and wife

Short and Sweet Fine Art Sessions are the perfect opportunity to catch just a taste of your family’s love on a chilly day without being outside in the cold too long. Before you book a photo session consider carefully what you plan to do with the photos. This session resulted in prints throughout the family’s home to enjoy daily and cherish forever. Photographs have the ability to enrich your life by immortalizing the relationships within your family before they inevitably grow and change. Time is the one thing we can never regain, so do the closest thing and get some amazing images of this time in your life.

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