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This month I was delighted to become a member of APNPI (Accredited Professional Newborn Photographers International). The organization provides safe handling techniques and testing to ensure parents their photographer has a certain level of expertise when handling their most precious little gifts. In addition to the safety aspect the organization also requires members submit an extensive portfolio of newborn, maternity and baby images to show a competence with technical skill and artistic expression. Be careful of other similar organizations which will accredit photographers if they pay a fee, and require no training, testing, or portfolio reviews. For example, when photographing young siblings like baby J and her big brother here, the standard laying on the floor photo was not a safe option. I could have tried to get a photo of big brother next to a prop, and then taken a photo of baby J in the prop, and photoshopped the 2 images together, but I would not have baby held by her big brother without an adult. Instead we used biggest brothers arms to hold her safely at a height where he could reach her, but also where she could easily be whisked away if he decided it was time to jump around or practice some karate. 
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Though I myself have been primarily on maternity leave this year, I have made a point to shoot a newborn each season so I can keep the skills I have developed though the years and several hundred hours of training sharp. Photography is certainly a skill that can fade if not used regularly in my experience, so while I photograph daily for my own family newborn posing is something know I need to always be doing. This next pose is one I just learned last winter and practiced on my own little one in February to perfect. I vary the pose using different colours, and textures, like this felt wool used as a wrap here and this gorgeous hat by Mag Mugs.

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Sweet baby J was 2 weeks only for her session, right at the end of the recommended age for photographing newborn babies in the sweet cuddly poses you typically see. My sweet spot tends to be around days 6-9 days, however every baby is different and this little doll was content as can be as long as she was wrapped up in some way. The pose above is easily transitioned into a prop to get a completely different look, relatively quickly, and without bothering baby at all. The yellow floor drop here is actually a one of a kind hand painted canvas I made! I may have a new obsession! Also, she’s the sweetest thing ever right? This is a photo that should be printed and hung on a wall to enjoy EVERY day. That’s my goal for all of my photos, daily enjoyment <3

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This family may look familiar, as I shot mom and dad’s wedding when I first started out, and shot big brother’s newborn photos a couple of years ago. I love watching families grow and helping preserve memories.
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YMM, Fort McMurray, timeless, posed, studio, classic, heirloom, newborn, baby, expecting, maternity, pregnancy, posed,
YMM, newborn, baby, doula, professional, classic, beautiful, girl, maternity, wrap, accredited
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Fort McMurray, Newborn, baby, expecting, props, maternity, pregnancy, heirloom, doula,
Fort McMurray, YMM, newborn, expecting, maternity, photography
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