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Crystal Mercredi of Life and Portraits 

OBSESSED with photography (obviously), coffee and my 3 kiddies!

Why should you hire me to take those photos?

You deserve for your photography to be custom, because you are not a copycat. You don’t want images just like everyone else’s. You need someone who is an expert at what they do so they can create custom art that is meaningful for you. I am an expert with working with children, and an expert with photography. By taking limited bookings each month it allows me to focus exceptional attention to detail for your session and provide a higher quality of experience and product.

The truth is, anyone can say they’re a professional photographer, but a close look through my portfolio shows you that you are getting more than a click of a camera, and there is even more behind the scenes that you won’t know you’re missing until you experience custom photography from an expert in the field. There is space in the market for both high volume photography and high quality photography, but they are not provided simultaneously. I am an award winning photographer, and am recognized by The National Association for Professional Child Photographers, Child Photo Competition, and The Accredited  Professional Newborn Photographers Internationale. Plus on top of all that I have a BEd and have been working with children my entire life. I use professional gear, and study constantly alongside world renown artists in order to continue growing, always pushing to achieve better imagery with each shoot, so your session will be my best yet. My sessions provide heirloom quality imagery to be enjoyed for generations.

Truthfully, I didn’t really realize the value of photography until I was probably a couple of years into being a photographer. I used to think it was fun and liked the power of making people look great. But now I cry while I’m editing your images, thinking about how much power was in a moment and how the next time I photograph you that relationship will be different, that you will be different, and that your kids will be different.

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten” —Benjamin Franklin

So WHY does it cost so much anyways?

First of all, we plan your session, we don’t hope everything falls into place. Then we shoot until we get what we wanted, because time limits are for high volume photographers. I spend approximately 5 hours editing per hour of shooting and it’s not because I’m slow, it’s because I’m meticulous and I hand edit your images because pre-made filters aren’t deserving of your custom artwork. I load your images into backups to ensure they’re safe, and onto a client portal so you can choose what you’d like to purchase. I don’t leave you to tread on your own, I guide you to what you need and what will improve the quality of your everyday life. I don’t make you pay for images up front, because I am confident that I will deliver images you will love enough to purchase after seeing them.

On top of all that I need to factor in all of the time and costs associated with running a legitimate business. Approximately 1/3 of your session fee will go to running the business, another 1/3 will go towards taxes, and finally I will be able to earn 1/3 as an employee of my company. In a world where women devalue themselves and their time, I have learned that mine is too valuable to steal from my family without providing myself a liveable wage, and I encourage other local business women to run their numbers honestly and pay themselves fairly. If you’d like more details about the business side of photography check out my past blog here:

I am not an assembly line with you as my product, I am an artist with you as my muse.

So go get your mini sessions from high volume photographers, but trust your family photos, special occasion photos, and once in a lifetime photos to a custom photographer who will ensure you have a gallery of beautiful of artwork to immerse yourself in. Trust me to be the catalyst for a great day, and create a full gallery of images you won’t be able to stop staring at.


Studio Located at 195 Westwood Crescent (by appointment only)

Fort McMurray, Alberta