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Crystal Mercredi of Life and Portraits 

OBSESSED with photography (obviously) and coffee (because I have 3 kids)

Some things you may or may not now about me:

I am a very proud geek; no really. I play flute, love gear, am a math major, love reading but none of the cool books hahaha. I hate being cold; I know, I know but it really is a great community and my husband is worth it! I used to be a teacher who lived for her students and still cheer in their corner at every possible chance.

My kids are growing up too fast! My photography has developed over the years from being cutesy to meaningful as I feel like I’m in a war with time and now I really want to make you cry! HAHAHA but really, I want you to tear up when you see your images, and again when you look at them a year later, and 5 years later, and when your kids graduate, and when they have their own kids and FOREVER. Truthfully, I didn’t really realize the value of photography until I was probably a couple of years into being a photographer. I used to think it was fun and liked the power of making people look great. But now I cry while I’m editing your images, thinking about how much power was in a moment and how the next time I photograph you that relationship will be different, that you will be different, that your kids will be different.


Studio Located at 195 Westwood Crescent (by appointment only)

Fort McMurray, Alberta