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In a world of fast food, fast fashion, fast photography and plenty of instant answers are you taking the time to slow down and enjoy the journey? You’re probably documenting your life with your phone, because we are blessed to have amazing technology at our fingertips, but what are you doing with it once it’s documented? I know I stumble across my videos on Facebook memories or occasionally when I’m cleaning out old hard drives, which make for fun evenings of reminiscing. Our children change so much, so quickly though, that I feel I want daily reminders of who they used to be. I want reminders of who I used to be.
YMM expecting mother celebrates her body with beautiful photos

And so I started a photo wall and now am onto a second, and it’s changing my life. I slow down. I take the time each day to look at each photo, and each photo makes me feel something different than the others. It’s like having the opportunity to see my life flash before my eyes, without a terrible circumstance causing it haha. For me, it’s not about having a hundred images, its about having a handful of amazing images you’ll want to put on your wall so you can see them, enjoy them and relive them every single day.

Beautiful maternity photos in YMM studio by professional award winning photographer

As a photographer though, I see how this fast paced world we live in can make us forget or postpone things that improve our quality of life the most, and I myself have been plenty guilty of it! Don’t postpone spending time with family. Don’t postpone going on that hike, or that skate, or making that craft. Don’t postpone hanging your photos on your wall so you can enjoy your own story everyday.

Professional Photographer Capturing Gorgeous mommy-to-be in Fort McMurray before she has baby

Once we’re hanging photos again, really hanging them, as art not with a magnet on the fridge in a temporary way that will result in later filing it in a drawer, or worse throwing it out; then we start to see the value in investing in quality images. Suddenly those iPhone shots, while they are certainly priceless and meaningful, aren’t up to par as the only source of capturing the amazing life you have created. Suddenly hiring your neighbour because they bought a nice camera isn’t quite good enough to capture the most precious people in your life. Suddenly you realize your photos are more valuable than your daily coffee  – I love coffee but even it can’t bring me the daily happiness of seeing my kids being sweet to each other posted on my real life wall each day.

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Take the time to celebrate yourself. You have a short window and then it’s gone, and someday when you look back you regret not celebrating this point in your journey. Whether it’s a pregnancy, a new baby, a milestone, or a phase, live it and capture it so you can relive it once it’s gone.

Contact me if you’d like to have your life captured with love so you can enjoy it forever.

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