What’s the real value and purpose of a photograph? Illustrated with a Fort McMurray Family

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about the value of photography. Thinking about what causes a photo to be valuable, who it’s for and what the purpose of the photo really is. I love taking a multitude of different types of photos so take a read with me about my interpretation of their importance and I’d REALLY love for you to share your opinions of the value for the photos you want in your life.

The purpose of a posed, smiling, family picture is to capture loved ones together at regular points in their lives. Families change, people change and the photo freezes time. The body language tells more over the years than people may realize, like a little girl growing up knowing her mommy cuddled her so close, and in her arms is where she felt most safe. This is often the type of photo people as for to print for their mantle or walls. It’s a photo you can display next to a similar style photo taken the year before or a few years before to show how time has past.

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However, my favourite things about the posed photos is the moments in between. When something truly genuine slips in like a kiss for a little sister who is biting her nails because she’s a bit shy in front of the camera. Don’t hide those young habits (that some of us never outgrow), it shouldn’t be about apparent perfection, you’re who these photos are for. It’s not about a Facebook share or a christmas card, it’s your life. It’s your children. Of course I’m not against a Facebook share! I do that ALL THE TIME, as my parents live in the southern USA and we don’t see them as often as we’d like. But thinking long term, I want our photos to be something my children can look at when they’re grown, proudly put on their walls to remind them of their relationship with me and of how much I love them. I want them to share photos with future generations. I want them to have flashbacks when they see the photos to being that little kid.

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 Hands down my favourite photos are the ones that show a connection between loved ones, especially mothers and their children. A connection that can’t be faked, or rehearsed, that you feel when you look at a photo even if you don’t know the people you’re looking at. The photos that can make you cry if they’re set to the right music.
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Fort McMurray Family Photography
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I value most the photos that make you feel. Whether it’s the feeling in the photo or flashing you back you to a memory of your own. I hope when you see a photo like this you remember when your children were young and ran to you in joy and sorrow because you were their answer to everything. I hope you have a photo that can take you back to that moment. A photo that gives you a flash back into what may now seem like a previous life so far removed.

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This is the kind of photo I want to see everyday and hope moms have of themselves. The photo that shows you that you are an amazing mother. The photo that shows you that you did take the time to play and connect. We all get lost in the schedules and “supposed to’s” sometimes but so often we are too hard on ourselves, expecting an unrealistic perfection and more energy than even coffee could possibly provide. I want you to have the photo that shows you that you’re giving your children and awesome childhood. I want you to see how you look through their eyes.

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I want to slow down and take the time to cuddle. I want to see on my walls, that I have made cuddling a priority. I want you to see on your walls how much your children love you so in the moments when things are hard you can see how important you are by looking around your house.

…and dads matter too….

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…but lets face it, they always get to be the fun ones!

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Photograph of Dad playing with his daughter
Don’t forget about some full family fun!

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YMM; Family; Fun; Alberta;

Of course there are also the photos to show the sibling relationship. In this case 2 sisters 2 years apart, who are sure to be close for life.

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Each child’s individual personality needs to be captured because we all know they change so fast! The mannerisms and silliness disappear too quickly.

Lastly, as much as I treasure the images of children the most (I really do, there’s no comparison haha) I also believe it’s important for parents to have photos together, without their children. Why? Who does that? The answer is NOT ENOUGH COUPLES! You love each other! Sometimes it’s easy to forget that because you’re busy! I know you’re busy! But isn’t it amazing when you get 2 seconds together nice and close, where you can hear each others voices and really look at each other?

Even if there’s a little chaos behind the scenes?

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Let your walls tell your story so you can enjoy your story everyday.

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