Where is Delightful Perception Photography? What is Life and Portraits?


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Delightful Perception Photography started as a hobby, turned into a fundraising opportunity, which then turned into a small business focussed on family photography needs. However, as the years have past its really become an obsession (a good friend says I should use the word passion and she’s probably right) and a huge part of the Mercredi households way of life. Through the years I’ve realized that while I love photographing families and children, I also have an obsession/passion for helping small businesses and people in their professional capacities. I’ve always loved supporting small business, but I’ve realized I have also learned a bit about business over the years, and continue to every day. It turns out I REALLY love working with small businesses! So why does all of this matter? Well, I feel a bit silly when I’m quoting for a commercial or corporate job and signing off with my whimsical and silly Delightful Perception Photography. So to be more inclusive of the direction I’m going I felt it was important to change it. The new name, Life and Portraits, feels like my big girl photographer name. It’s important to me to push myself to always become better with my compositions, with my lighting capabilities, with the range of work I can produce, and the quality of work I’m producing. The new name gives me room to grow and the expectation of timeless work focussing on what’s important to you.

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What photography means to me has also changed. It’s just honestly no longer about the cute outfits and setups. I look back at the photos I’ve done of my own children in those setups and I think “Why did I do that? Why am I blocking his face with those sunglasses? Why am I distracting from my subject so much? These photos aren’t about the subject, they’re about the photo.” I want photos that are about your children, not the tutu, not the likes on Facebook, not a cool photo technique. I want the photo to capture your relationship with your child. You want a photo to make you CRY…or LAUGH, but you want it to make you FEEL! Let yourself travel through time when you see it so it brings you right back to what life was like at that time. No gimmicks, pure, honest, beautiful, lifestyle or posed art to celebrate your life as it is now.

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