Professional group photos in Fort McMurray

Group Headshots are a great way to boost the look of your brand, as well as the moral and pride of work from your team! A bonus benefit? In general headshots receive the most social interaction on personal accounts other than getting married or welcoming a new baby, so if your team loves their headshots this is a chance for them to promote themselves while also promoting your brand! How do you ensure they’ll love their headshots? Hire Life and Portraits and Crystal will take care of that for you.

What people are saying about group headshots

“I thought these were only for important employees, I must have made it!” (RMWB Employee)

“I guess I’ve made it now if the company is including me in this!” (Diversified Transportation Employee)

“Wow, I’ve always wanted a great headshot, this is so awesome!” (Fort McMurray Public School Principal)

“My husband is going to be so jealous, maybe I better gift him a session for Christmas.” (Keyano College Employee)

“This is my favourite photo of me ever, and I never would have done this on my own. I’m so grateful to my company!” (Bouchier Employee)

“I thank you for the superb job. I really enjoy the pictures that were taken.” (RMWB Councillor)

Use these images to congratulate employees on achievements or appreciate them on social media, provide each one with a zoom/gotomeeting profile to company standards, print for great looking building badges, represent your team members at conferences and during speaking engagements, and more! Images include unlimited usage license in perpetuity, so you never have to worry about getting permission for print in media or anything else.

Professional corporate group photos in Calgary

Through a consultation we will customize your group to be cohesive (that doesn’t necessarily mean they all have to match, just that they have to go together). Group photos can take place individually and be combined to ensure everyone gets to use their best image, and it’s really beneficial when you can’t actually get everyone to be at the same place at the same time. Images will coordinate with your online brand, from website to socials.

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Let’s have some fun and show your brand personality through your amazing team. It’s time to make your team look like a team online.