Corporate and Commercial Branding Photography

Professional branding photography is your opportunity to connect with your audience and extend their attention. Are you using stock images that don’t convey the uniqueness of your personal or professional brand? Images that aren’t even local to our region. Or worse, AI images which aren’t even REAL, and can be inconveniently tied to organizations and messages you’d never want to be caught associating with? Inauthenticity is a huge red flag when it comes to branding, so using AI photography is one of the biggest mistakes you can make if you’re trying to build trust and familiarity with your audience.

Indian multigenerational family dancing in Fort McMurray for Tourism Agency

Are you using unprofessional looking snapshots and expecting your target audience to trust you can do a professional job? Your pixelated, blurry, stretched, crooked or distracting images make your marketing efforts less effective.

It’s time to invest in eye catching photography that can help spread the intended messaging of YOUR brand, instead of hindering it.

Branding is essential to the success of any organization, and pictures are a great way to get your audience to connect with your brand, event or message. The average attention span is now estimated to be 8 seconds. If you don’t resonate with someone at first glance, you may not get the chance to make an impression at all.

Have you taken the time to consider your brand strategy?

Have you identified your target audience and determined your value proposition? Your vision and mission?

Whether your business plan is well established, or in early stages, it’s time to make sure your visual content is worthy or representing the work you do.

Let’s discuss who you want to reach, and what you want them to know about what you have to offer. Let’s identify the best place to reach them, and how to get them to notice you.

Keyano College brand photography, athlete cheering
Personal Brand Portrait

Why should you choose Life and Portraits?

Unlike larger commercial studios Life and Portraits has made the intentional choice to remain a single employee studio. What does this mean for you? It means every project is done by the highly experienced, award winning brand photographer Crystal Mercredi, from start to finish. When you need something you will call, text or email to speak directly to Crystal.

What sets Crystal’s work apart?

Keep scrolling to see some of the branding photography Crystal has done for her other amazing commercial clients. She works with small businesses, social profit agencies, educational institutions, government agencies, giants of industry and more.

Welding with sparks, Keyano College female Welder, Sony Alpha Micro Grant Winner,
Alberta Leaders
Keyano College Basketball player for promotional use
Mikisew fabricator at work industrial photography
Syncrude Mine, Shovel Operator, Synergy Magazine, editorial photography
Corrie Flett Fort McMurray Female Indigenous Lawyer, personal brand photography
Flood damage repairs at Keyano College, division 26 inc brand photography
Keyano college brand photography, female students in lab looking through microscopes
Lights Apparel Brand Photography, marketing imagery
keyano collage black history month brand graphic
Keyano College volleyball player brand photography
Licensable art images of Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce
Fort McMurray Airport board room
Fort McMurray Oilsands Worker, Mikisew brand photography
Welding Instructor at Keyano College Fort McMurray
Chuck Fraser cleaning hyde for ATC Aboriginal Education Conference
heavy haulers at Syncrude, brand photography
Financial Investor Celebrated, National recognition, retirement planning expert in Fort McMurray
Bouchier Heavy Duty Mechanic, brand photography
RMWB emergency services corporate photography
YMM 3rd floor art Fort McMurray
Keyano college welder at work
Successful companies value their people and employees at Bouchier feel appreciated and empowered
Photographed and Featured in The Art of Powwow for Syncrude's Pathways Magazine
Fort McMurray Entrepreneur, expert advice, shared business tips, indigenous leader, female role models
Inaugural Flight, Flair Airlines, YMM, Brand Photography
Fort McMurray Bee Keeper, Tourism Photography
Fort McMurray Commercial Industrial Photography
Industrial Photographer,
Education Conference teaching traditional ways
Mikisew Employee at Work, industrial photography
Mechanic at work, Mikisew brand photography
Keyano College commercial photography, E-sports athlete practicing
Keyano student working at computer, commercial photography
Fort Fitzgerald Elder, Tourism commercial photography