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Calgary Storytelling Photography

How does brand storytelling work?

Storytelling photography creates interest about your brand. Stand out through emotional visuals that connect with your audience. Crystal will guide you through the process so you have stunning storytelling portraits, as well as a refreshed awareness of your professional purpose. Why choose Crystal?

Let’s work together to identify who your target audience is. Next we focus on the values you want your photos to communicate with that target audience. While we can’t always script the best moments, I can assure you that the impactful images will unfold if we create the structure for them in our session together. Let’s disrupt the stereotypes about your field, and inspire possibilities. To become a leader in your field you can’t use stock photography, or even AI (which is just computer manipulated stock photography). You need to be able to show what you do differently, and that doesn’t happen by regurgitating someone else’s content. You don’t build trust through portraying your business or yourself as something you’re not.

Storytelling Portraits

These striking images are created in the space that inspires you to showcase your personal story and brand. Create polished, intentional marketing images for yourself or your business to prepare for the impact you still plan to make. When short attention spans are causing scrolling past your offering it’s time to connect with storytelling photography.

When to book?

If the location you need requires permits or safety training please ensure to book well in advance. If we will be outdoors consider time of year, and time of day. The most beautiful natural light is often close to sunrise and sunset, but that may not make sense with your story. Artificial lighting can create stunning imagery in any conditions.

Why do I need marketing images?

These sessions are popular for editorial features, human interest pieces, or to celebrate a special person who is accomplishing incredible things. If you are a public speaker, an author, or an entrepreneur it is highly recommended that you have a brand session done every 2-3 years.