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Session Pricing

Life and Portraits provides session pricing options to meet your professional photography needs. A quick image for an announcement or social media profile can be created with a 30 minute visit to the studio! If you want to explore your brand more in depth then we can create a range of images in studio with no time barriers. Really step up your ability to tell your story with on location storytelling session, or have the studio brought to your office to capture the amazing people who make your company great.

Photography Pricing in Calgary

Which session pricing option is right for you?

Additional Images available for $100 each

Simple Studio pricing


Black and White backdrop, up to 2 wardrobe looks, clean simple lighting, headshot only. Select your image(s) in studio and receive the retouched images delivered within 72 hours. One image included.

Meet your basic professional photography needs in a polished and connected way within 30 minutes.

Ultimate Studio Branding pricing


Custom designed studio session, classic as well as unique looks, unlimited wardrobe changes, and unlimited pose styles. See images in studio, but have the option to review and select from home. Retouched image(s) delivered within 72 hours of selection. One image included.

This session has no time limit, come ready to have a great time and leave with incredible images that tell the story of your personality in a polished and intriguing way.

On location Storytelling pricing


Your custom brand session for your team or yourself in the place where your magic happens! Includes up to 6 hours on location, and a proofing gallery for images to be selected from (or if you prefer selections can be made on site).

All images sold separately.

Professional Photographs don’t need to be boring and disconnected!

Let your personality shine through! Are you known for an excited smile? Thoughtful eyes? Welcoming body language? Accomplished authority? The nuances of portraits are what makes them connect. Your brand session will be true to you, and not fit in to get lost amongst the crowd. The people who will appreciate what you have to offer can only do that if they can connect with the real you. Your personality isn’t for everyone, so stop worry about pleasing everyone and let your authentic self shine through.

The real cost

The biggest potential cost of headshots is the lack of inauthenticity and loss of trust with your viewer if you make the wrong impression. Don’t take risks with your image and reputation by using cheap imitations, like AI, or inexperienced headshot photographers. In Calgary you can get real, impactful headshots, with a photographer who is a specialist in branding, for as little as $300. By not investing in yourself, you teach others not to invest in you either.

Group Session Pricing

Showcase the incredible people on your team! Providing your team with modern, professional headshots is a great way to show you value them, build pride in your purpose, and portray your organization confidently. Bond over the experience and watch as your team promotes your organization using the images proudly on their personal social media channels. Group headshot pricing available.

Looking for something extra?

A great way to differentiate yourself even more is to incorporate storytelling into your package. This on location storytelling for brands provides stand-out photography to showcase who you are, in your element.