Video Storyteller

Life and Portraits is an all inclusive, small scale video storyteller. Projects on location start at $1500/day and include up to 6 hours on location within 50km of Calgary and 3 minutes of delivered footage in the form of a completed project. This is an all inclusive rate, with no hidden costs, and up to 2 revisions. At this time Drone footage is not available. These are not feature films or high tech graphic pieces, but they do tell emotional stories in a customized way that connect with your audience.

Video services to add to your personal branding or employee group headshots sessions are also available. This is a great way to get interactive clips to integrate into your website, and high quality, engaging social media content. These videos are completely customized to the brand messaging,

Examples of video storyteller work:

Do you want to use a video storyteller to enhance your own story? Contact Crystal to get started!