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New Adventures

I sit with a stuffy nose, and feeling disheveled on New Year’s Eve, reflecting on the massive transformations and new adventures 2023 brought. A glance at my coffee mug and reads:





and am reminded of one of my favourite books, The Icarus Deception by Seth Godin.

Believe it or not, I used to be notorious for dreaming too small. I am naturally a risk aversion, fly low person, so becoming an entrepreneur full-time came as a shock even to me. Rejection used to be debilitating for me.

I did everything safely, trying to fit in and doing all I could not to stand out. Until one day I didn’t.

When I read The Icarus Deception I challenged myself to collect 100 rejections, with the goal that each one wouldn’t matter so much to me anymore.

That year I knocked on doors I didn’t feel worthy of, and it provided me seats at tables I didn’t know were available. It turns out that when you surround yourself with great people they see potential in you that you don’t even see in yourself, but even more than that, they help you achieve that potential and inspire you to help others achieve theirs.

New Adventures in Calgary

Five years and thousands of headshots later, it’s time to share about the greatness in a new community. I know it won’t be easy to rebuild a business in a new place, but nothing worth it ever is. So don’t let fear prevent you from dreaming bigger. Don’t limit your potential with tiny thoughts. And when you hear a knock, answer the door.

Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo Staff Headshots

Life and Portraits Largest Headshot Group to Date

The community of Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo is full of those great people. So much so that they inspired me to show them through my photographs how great they appear to me. The RMWB was my largest headshot group to date, with over 100 employees coming to the studio!

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