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Look the part with a premium headshot session

Living in the heart of Canada’s economy means we brush shoulders with the people behind the economic powerhouses, and sometimes don’t even realize it. Earlier this year I was wrapping up my third maternity leave when the Northeastern Alberta Aboriginal Business Association (NAABA) contacted me to inquire about a headshot session for their board members. The wonderful thing about working for people who are your champions is that they don’t keep things to themselves. I was able to continue to meet and photograph empowering people through the connections made by that group!

People with Impact

As I’ve met more and more people with overwhelming achievements it has become clear that those with success are passionate about empowering others towards their own achievements. Being able to connect with so many incredible people for their headshot sessions has meant becoming a connector between them as well.

professional business owners and leaders in Ft mac represent themselves with beautiful pictures that make me look good

The result was a transformation in direction for Life and Portraits, because it quickly became evident that helping brand inspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders though a custom, modern headshot session is something I love! Every photographer wants to hear that clients love their images, but a headshot moves past loving images to hearing that people love THEMSELVES in the images.

So how do you get a great photograph?

Like most things, you begin with the end in mind! Think about the message you want to send; and we’ll discuss how the background, pose, angle, lighting, expression and wardrobe will all play a part in translating to the viewer. Headshot sessions are only valuable if people recognize that the image created is YOU, so don’t try to look like a stranger, be you on a great day! That also means that if you have a drastic change in appearance, it’s time for a new headshot. Want to make it easier? Call me! I’ll send you a short questionnaire and do the planning. Then while you tell me about your venture and passion the genuine glow from your pride will flow through into the images.

The studio uses tethered shooting. This means a monitor will be available for us to see images as they’re taken. We will do proofing in session to make sure you have the image(s) you love before you even walk out the door!

Fort McMurray headshot photographer does a self portrait

Are you ready to look the part on LinkedIn? Grab clients attention on your “about me” page? Get the highest interaction you’ve had all year with a Facebook profile update? Finally stop putting off marketing yourself within your business? If I’m talking to you then it’s time for you to talk to me!

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